About India Gourmet Spices !!

We are dedicated to providing all the shopping and entertainment needs. We carry a complete line of north and south Indian groceries. Also, Pakistani, African, and Middle eastern food and Groceries. In addition we have the largest and most comprehensive collection of Indian movies in the surrounding areas.

we carry - Fresh indian vegetables, Zabiha halal, meat & poultry, Rices, Aata (Flour), Spices, Herbs, Dals (Lentils), Tea, Coffee, Fresh Sweets, Snacks, Bollywood latest movies & CDs, International phone cards, Religious stuffs, Instant mixes, Ready to eat food, Frozen ready to eat, All kinds of Roti, Naan & Breads, Appetizers, Drinks, Sodas, Lassi, Juices, Savory & Sweet snacks, Utensils & Cutlery, Games, Festive & seasonal items, Herbal selection and lots more.

Our business is to provide the highest quality foods we can find at the most competitive prices possible. This is why we are setting the standard for all Indian Grocery stores. Come visit us and discover the difference.